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of the cost and ownership of our software. Create forms,
generate leads and bill members to easily sell your product
or service. Protect content on your web site, WordPress
pages, blogs, forums, videos and much more!

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Omni Secure Works On Any Website Scenario

It doesn’t matter if you are using WordPress, Joomla, Adobe Muse, your host web builder or have a custom professional website, Omni Secure will adapt to your business needs. We understand every business has their own unique needs in order to succeed in their industry and no such thing as an out of the box software that will instantly provide all the solutions you need to dominate your competitors. For this reason we provide personal consultation.

No Restriction On How Many Users You Can Have

Almost all membership software we see nowadays charge you an arm and a leg to manage extra users. For example they can have a package that only allows you to have 1000 users so if you want more you need to upgrade to their next package of 5000 users. This can become very costly in the future.

Free Installation Service For Our Free Trial

It is unheard of for any membership software company that we know of that will take the time to provide you free installation of their free trial if you need it. Most people will want to install the software themselves, but there are others who do not want to hassle with it or have the technical skills required to do so which is why we provide this service.

When You Buy an Omni Secure License You Own It For Life

That’s right when you purchase Omni Secure you own it for life and can take it with you to another server etc. Nowadays with most software being SaaS based meaning you have to lease the software and pay endless monthly fees, you do not have full control of the system. If their server goes down or gets hacked then you go down with them.

Superior Customer Service With Livechat, Ticket and Phone Support

Whether you are more comfortable on the phone or livechat or even email we will make sure your questions and issues get resolved quickly. We strongly believe our clients deserve the best quality customer service and support possible.

Ability To Manage Multiple Websites With A Single License

Imagine being able to link up your other websites to a single Omni Secure installation so you can manage everything under one roof. This will cut down your management workload by a lot since you will not need separate installations for each of your websites.

Free Consultation

For any reason you are struggling to make a choice that is the best fit for your website or just need some advice, you can count on us helping you with almost any situation with your website. Just give us a call and we will do our best to help you out.

Custom Development Service

Omni Secure is 100% customizable and can be re-branded with your company logo etc. We offer a custom development service so you can send us your vision on what parts of the software you would like to modify to better fit your website and business. Just let us know what you need and we will send you a quote.

Customer Testimonials

I have used this software for many years. It is a bargain and always performs well.

I have used this membership software for a long time. It always performs well. The customer service is excellent . The software is intuitive, dependable and powerful. There are regular updates and each new version has new features that makes this software a real bargain. I have used other similar software in the past and Omni Site Security outperforms the others and is more economical.

Steven Gonser CEO,

Excellent Product + Great Customer Service = Happy Customer

Omni Secure provide a first class product that is easy to use and customise to your own needs.

Phil Abbot CEO,

The Solution I was looking for!

We provide an interactive digital platform for our clients to share their curriculum on the web. We needed a solution to secure it and control user access and Omni-Secure turned out to be the perfect solution for this. Jon and his staff were very helpful and listened closely to our concerns and created the right set of solutions to solve our needs. We continue to se their services and we like the fact that it is able to grow with our needs. I would happily recommend them to others.

Bill Dittmar President, Executive Fusion Inc

Excellent Services provided to our company!

Omni Secure has provided excellent security for my Web Sites for the past 6 years.
They also provide technical assistance to help improve the appearance and functionality of my sites. The staff is always available to provide professional and quick help with technical assistance. Best service I have ever been provided by any web site consultants.

Dr. Reginald Oxendine, President & CEO, Arrow Inc